Hills were on the menu for this morning.Up and down this one a fair few times can leave your legs burning for sure!

Though I think they were already sore before I set out. Last night I attended a CrossFit workout that my company was offering for the eve, and boy, did it kick my butt! I always walk out of those classes feeling 100% out of shape. I totally thought my arms would be sore this morning from all the pushups, hand stands, and burpees, but you know what? I felt it more in my legs than anything — particularly, my inner thighs and backside, if you’re that interested. I was pretty surprised because I feel like as a runner, my legs are pretty buff. Which made me wonder this morning — what muscles do I use and not use when running, and why was I sore after an hour of burpees, jumping jacks, squats, and planks?

Based on my very detailed Google research, this is what I came up with. First, there are muscles in your legs that you don’t really use when running. Second, distance runners depend more on “slow twitch” muscles, which are different than “fast twitch” muscles. Not surprisingly, weight lifting, sprinting, and basically any intense, fast workout will build fast twitchers, and running and other forms of extended cardio workouts will build slow twitchers. This Livestrong article explains it pretty clearly, but also honestly states that it’s sort of unknown how much of these different muscles types you can build based on the types of muscles you’re just born with. Maybe I have been a slow twitcher since birth. Ha.

…And, here’s a diagram of the muscles you use while running. Note that those little inner thigh muscles are not highlighted! Arghhh.So, it was a painful hill workout, but I’m glad I got a more diverse workout in. But still, even though the leg pain was un-enjoyable, what really sucked was that this lovely diner is plopped right at the top of this hill. Which meant that every lap I finished, I smelled warm wafts of bacon scents. Pure torture!Anthony and I have actually been to Open City Diner a couple times, but stopped going after we realized the lines were too long. Plus, we both really think that breakfast is one of those meals you can make yourself and it will taste 100% as good as a restaurant. But speaking of bacon, I am still on a bacon kick after last week. I took this photo with the intention of describing roasted sweet potato wedges, but let’s just focus on the happy slice of bacon poking out in the background.Surprise! Here’s a vintage white sofa I found on the sidewalk today. Get it while it’s hot.Actually, it’s quite cool out these days. I am loving the autumn weather! Now if we can just keep it this way through March, everything will be wonderful. There’s always hope.



  1. FRD

    “Twitch”…shucks I thought this one would focus on that dancer from You Think You Can Dance…that guy was great. Bacon is for sure the great equalizer and can make any meal a feast.

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