dim runs/dim sum

Running into the night!Actually, it was about 6:30 a.m. when I took this photo. Though I did run into the night, last night. Since my long run didn’t happen in New York, I attempted it after work yesterday. After 11 miles I called it quits, because, really, running past 9 p.m. on a weeknight isn’t worth it in my books. Also my camera died on mile 0.56, so I didn’t even get to record the journey.

There’s a running motto someone told me once — it makes no sense, of course, but maybe that’s why I like it. It goes:

“It’s okay to miss a run. But never miss a run.”

I guess it means — try extremely hard to stay on track, but if life happens, let it go. It’s a tough call sometimes, to decide what would benefit you the most: a rest day? more sleep? more miles? faster miles? I try hard to listen to my body and think about what has worked and hasn’t worked in the past. And I think running my brains out in the dark of the night has not gone well in the past. Lesson learned!

Here’s a great article by the Boston Marathon Association, targeted toward more serious marathon runners. Their #1 rule? Get enough rest, and don’t get hung up on weekly mileage counts.

But anyways, back to the pretty pictures from today.As fall and winter approach, the dark runs shall continue! I don’t really like running in the dark but try to be smart about not taking trails until the sun comes out.

Which, eventually, it did.Friday night flashback? Before heading to the Big Apple, Anthony and I met up with some friends for happy hour at The Passanger. Actually, does it count as “happy hour” if the bar clearly does not partake in happy hour specials? One day I’ll live in the suburbs where you can get cheap drinks on a Friday.

But anyways, speaking of the Boston marathon, Catherine (left) is about to start training for the 2013 race! Champ. And Kevin (center) just ran his first half marathon! Running is contagious. Then, Kevin (whose shirt was not metallic as the photo suggests), Anthony, and I headed to Ping Pong for dinner. I had never had dim sum before, so it was a cultural experience. I ❤ dumplings.Oh, speaking of shirts, look back at Anthony’s. Our friend is a graphic designer and makes crazy cartoon shirts — Anthony’s is Professor Plum, in the study, being killed by Colonel Mustard! Ha.

It’s a rainy Tuesday, but I’m determined to stay bright!



  1. There’s a dim sum place in Virginia (I think in either Falls Church or Arlington) that is famous because something like the last 6 presidents have eaten there. When I lived there in the early 90s we would take a big group, sit at a huge round table with a Lazy Susan and our boss would start picking things off the cart they bring to the table. It was amazing!

    I tried to find the name for you but I can’t seem to remember and I’m having no luck with Google. It could be Peking Gourmet Inn but I’m not totally sure of that. However, that was 20 years ago and I’m sure things have changed!! LOL

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