weekend workout = run-ny yolks

New York.

Given the intro to this post, let me just say that I did not run at all over this trip. I’ll jump back on the training bandwagon today, but sometimes you just have to sit around and eat a lot of pizza. I think the rest was good for me. Everything in moderation right?Anthony and I spent about 30 hours in the Big Apple. He had a reunion for his grad school so we stole the opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing, friend visiting, and food eating. Mostly the latter:The lovely Meredith hosted us. She’s in med school which means not only do I have a friend for life but also a doctor for life! Yes!She took us around Brooklyn, which I think we decided we liked better than Manhattan. Including a really cute cafe called Iris.I got this awesome savory muffin that had cheese and spinach baked INSIDE the bread. That’s such a great idea — I think I’ll have to find a recipe and try to make my own because I probably shouldn’t pay $9 to eat one every day. New York leaves you a bit light in the wallet but these muffins are priceless in my books.Especially with a runny egg yolk. The art of soft boiling an egg is also something I must try. Never done it. In other exciting news, we did pop by the One World Trade Center, also known as the “Freedom Tower.” It’s huge and beautiful.In DC, we don’t have any sky scrapers as such. There’s actually a law here which restricts construction of anything taller than the Washington monument, which keeps our skyline pretty so-so. I’m okay with it though. I like New York but can’t imagine surviving in such a big city daily!It was an awesome weekend, but the only down side was taking the Bolt Bus. Anthony and I made a pinky promise never to take it again after delays, long lines, missed schedules, and motion sickness. Bleh. The only way to cope? 7 episodes of Breaking Bad and sticking your face in a popcorn bag.I haven’t unpacked at all, and neither has Anthony. At least I get to wait until Thursday to pack my bags again, though — he’s leaving in a few hours to fly around the world again! We will slow down one day but there’s just too much good pizza to eat ASAP.



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