mixed salad

Met up with the ladies this morning for a nice run to close out the work week. How is it Friday already?

We ventured around the Howard University/Petworth area. Usually we run west, but today we went east! There is a cute and highly secured reservoir not too far from where I live — unfortunately you can’t run too close to it. But it still makes for a pretty view with a sunrise.Then we hit up my old hood. I used to live a block from here! Sometimes I miss living in an old rusty rowhouse, but I think I’m satisfied with my group house memories for now. Living in a small apartment has its perks — mostly, less cleaning. And, no staircase to go up and down. I might be a marathon runner but am also extremely lazy at times.I am proud of myself for perfectly portioning the amount of food I bought this week! I usually overestimate and end up throwing some food out by the weekend, but this time I have just enough salad to get me through today and maybe a bit tomorrow. Am I the only one who gets excited about stuff like this?

I was in a bacon craze this weekend for some reason and thus have been sneaking it in my salad. With a peach to sweeten out the salty, of course. Also, I tried a new salad dressing: white wine vinaigrette. (btw, vinaigrette is the hardest word to spell ever). It’s simple and healthy. I was going to buy a bottle of dressing at the grocery store, and then started looking at labels and realized they are all based on canola oil, sugar, and water. Waste of money? Yes.

Salads must be hot to trot this week because I have been chowing them for dinner too. Another awesome salad? The chicken variety. This Cooking Light mix cuts out a lot of mayo in favor of Greek yogurt. I thought it was fantastic! Anthony and I smushed it between hearty bread, served atop a sunset on my rooftop. I am going to miss rooftop weather!
Since food is on my brain this week, I offer this new Runner’s World article that gives a good grocery list for runners. Things it makes me think I should buy more of: fish, English muffins, peanut butter (well, I always want to buy more of this), avocados, and quinoa. Did you know maple syrup has fewer calories than honey? I had no idea.

Concerned about when to use “fewer” vs. “less” ? Grammar is good for you, too: http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/less-versus-fewer.aspx.

This might be the most random post I’ve ever written. I hope something was useful.

New York tomorrow!



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