cats and tracks

Track Thursdays are winding down. With only a few weeks until race day, every last speed workout is important!Anthony usually meets up with me for track, but he bailed today to go to CrossFit instead. Boo.

But then, on my last mile, look who I ran right into? Speak of the devil.He was too sore from CrossFit on Tuesday to go this morning! Ha. It must be a really good workout — he’s loving it so far! I will make him do a guest post on it later.

Sleeping in until 6:30 yesterday (yes, that is “sleeping in” for me…sad) was great. Sometimes you just need to let your body REST. But I got out of work early enough to hit those hills quickly, yesterday afternoon! Even though I hate running up hills, the weather made it nice. Plus I ran in an odd part of town which hosted an interesting group of bystanders.I was okay running there during the day, but am bummed about the night scene around town. Earlier this week I woke up to find that Betty had lost one of her back lights. Some loser just took it right off while she was sleeping outside. I already ordered a new one…any ideas on how to more permanently attach it to my bike? I am thinking Gorilla Glue.

Speaking of bikes, it’s time to confess that I stalk someone in town. There’s a girl that lives nearby, in Adams Morgan, and I see her riding the coolest bike ever. Yesterday I saw it parked near U Street and had to take a photo. My goal is to friend her and have her let me ride her bike…of course, now that I have published this if she ever does friend me I can not tell her about my blog.Other than bikes and speedwork, what more is there to life, really? Nothin’. That’s why you just got to sit back to a nice jazz tune and soak it in.


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  1. Anna

    I know what you mean by sleeping in until 6.30 haha, and it feels so good! And then it feels even better, and I am happy that I am an early riser because I get stuff done before my friends get up.. around.. 11am-ish?

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