trail baby

Anthony took me on a new route this morning! It was exciting. Sorry there’s a shadow striped right across our face but this was taken on mile 10 so we didn’t really care. I wonder what the guy walking behind us thought.It was a really beautiful loop through the north part of Rock Creek Park. I wish I could have taken some photos, but it was dark for a good portion of the run! Fall is arriving.

Anyways, today’s run got me thinking about rail races and the trail running community. Just like most sports and hobbies (I think?), running has different sub-groups. You’ve got your ultra-marathoners, marathoners, track/sprinters, trail racers, triathletes, hashers, etc. I guess I would fall under marathon/half marathon, typically, but I have done one trail race in Colorado and really enjoyed it.

It’s called the American Discovery Trail Race — and now that I think about it, I ran it about exactly 2 years ago! It was small, mostly downhill, and really beautiful. Plus I qualified for Boston at this race which made it extra special.

The main reason I went out there, though, was to visit my sister and her husband! Amy was pregnant at the time with my niece Leah.But that was a long time ago! Now Leah is a whopping 1.5 years, and Amy and Joe JUST HAD ANOTHER BABY! Welcoming my new nephew Thomas into the world. I can’t wait to post a super cute photo of him. Family is the best.


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