I see so much street furniture around here, I might have to start another blog just to host my library of photos.I’m not sure why the cushions are always missing off the couches, but the frames are still there?

Anyways, big news over the past two days is that I went running. Anthony and I finally made it back to track yesterday!The kids are back in school. We got to see the beginnings of an early morning football practice. It made me miss high school…sort of.

I actually ran track for one season in high school and absolutely loathed it. I hated running and was not particularly good at it. I have no idea why I started running or how I came to love it, but somehow it happened. I guess that is life. Lucky me that I get to date another crazy who likes it too!So this week might have been the most insane week of my life. Next time I will try not to work two jobs and marathon train without missing a happy hour for 4 days straight!

But, I couldn’t say no to hanging out with this lovely lady. Catherine came over last night to help me finish off the neverending pasta. We celebrated the event on my roof! It actually got almost a bit chilly outside. Is autumn on its way? We kept warm with some hot noodles. And beer.

No those are not natural leaves garnishing the plate, it’s just awesome retro plates that adorn my apartment cabinets. Most of our kitchen items are from 1980 to 1990.Retro, that is, except for…

THE NINJA!It arrived this week! I caught our 1975 blender on fire about 2 months ago and went all out for a new piece of modern machinery. Full review to come soon, but let’s just say it can blend a carrot.

A carrot. Best weekend begins now!



  1. I have been cracking up at all the pics of street furniture on your posts. When I lived out there that’s definitely one of the things I remember….well, that and the HORRIBLE drivers!

  2. Anna

    Can people recycle weekly where you live? They must own a lot of crap!
    I just discovered the blender as my new best friend, we have an old but great one and I have quickly become Smoothie-Queen

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