non-ugly betty

I wouldn’t say I am very much of a handy woman, but I am proud of my mechanical feat over the weekend.

I pimped out my bike.

Before:After:It might not look like a whole lot, but I’m super proud! Upgrades include: two new tires, one new wheel, a basket + rack, new handlebar tap, and removal of water bottle holder and kick stand. Betty is lighter and more beautiful than ever! My next task is replacing her seat (with a tan one, to match everything else), but I’m waiting to save some money for that upgrade. She looks awesome.

Since I got my new job, I’ve been biking to work. I could take the metro, but biking is faster, cheaper, and much, much nicer. I mostly decided to start biking because I realized the metro was putting me in a bad mood every morning. Even though I get a heavy dose of the outdoors on my runs, being underground squished between sweaty suits for 20 minutes just kills me. Luckily DC has a pretty good roadmap when it comes to bike lanes. I have gotten over having helmet hair every day.

DC also has great sidewalks + trails. Here was my run this morning:Even though the city provided me with some great historic and natural sights, Mother Nature provided me with some intense humidity. I felt like I was running through a sponge.

It’s been a good marathon training season, and I’m on the homestretch. 4.5 weeks until race day, people!

It’s not too soon to start carb loading. I made a neverending batch of pasta and have already fed Anthony, my roommate, and myself with it multiple times. It’s still going, and there’s more in the freezer. If anyone is in the DC area and wants some pasta bake, please come over for dinner.Have a cheesy Wednesday!



      • Kevin

        That reminds me of people who put $1500 rims on an ’89 oldsmobile worth half that. why people?

        Also, seats are fair game for people who steal bikes in DC. Make sure to swap out the quick release seat adjustment for a straight allen wrench if possible to deter thefts (even for cheap saddles).

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