Does it look like I went for a run this morning?Nope. But it’s okay because I did managed to stay focused on my top priority yesterday: dessert. Froyo with the fantastic Leah and Miriam!Conversation topics included running gear, marathon times, and training schedules. Go figure.

We also pondered whether rainbow sprinkles actually have a flavor. According to my very rigorous research, chocolate and rainbow sprinkles have a very small difference in taste. Chocolate sprinkles typically contain a bit of cocoa, whereas I think rainbow sprinkles are 100% sugar. YES.

In other sweet news, I have attempted to make critter cakes.Do these look like raccoons at all? A coworker is a raccoon-lover, so, naturally, we are having a raccoon-themed birthday party for her at work today.

If they fail in terms of appearance, at least they have 2 inches of frosting and swedish fish to make up for it. haha.

Other than that, I am totally confused because I keep thinking it’s Monday! But it’s not.



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