new beef and big leaf

21 and done!Met up with the DC Road Runners for 11 miles, and did the other 10 solo. Breaking up a long run is the best way to get through it, I think.

I squeezed in the majority of my alone miles before the meetup — before the sun, traffic, and pedestrians came out too strong, more importantly. Being out before 7 am on a weekend makes you feel special. It’s like you own the city.Special or crazy? One of the two. Check out the biggest leaf I ever did see. My size 8 foot next to it for comparison.Other than that, it was a pretty good run! Usual routes along Rock Creek Park and the Capital Crescent trail, good chats with my club members, a John Mayer marathon playlist, and some random furniture.This couch has experienced some aggressive sitting.

Anthony and I sat ourselves down for some top-notch entertainment last night, by the way. We saw Cirque du Soleil’s Totem. But not before we smashed some wraps and some brewskies in our rental car (while parked at the venue, of course). We love trips!
We were going for the solo shot…

But then a park employee saw how terrible we were at self-portraits and took a full-on formal photograph. AwwwwwwwwwwwI wish I could provide a picture of all the people bending themselves 15 times or standing on their heads or juggling knives, but they obviously don’t let us take pictures during the performance! But I would highly recommend Cirque du Soleil — it’s unlike any show you’ll ever see in your life. It’s just so incredible what the human body can (with a lot of practice and maybe some steriods) do.

If you’re out of ‘roids, though, you know what’s great for muscle growth? KALE! According to this very scientific eHow for Moms article, Kale is the bomb. No but really, kale fits the bill for all doctors’ orders: “dark, leafy vegetables.” It’s packed with iron and vitamin A. And plus it’s super cheap. Love it.

The only thing is that Kale tastes sort of bad. UNLESS you know how to massage it. Yes, massage it. Introducing Whole Foods’ Garlicy Kale. Meredith and I had some at Whole Foods the other week and almost died in delight; so, I had to look up a recipe and found it on a wonderful food blog!If you don’t have time for an upscale circus, then at least try this upscale kale. It is the new beef, after all!

Other than that, I’m letting the old legs have a rest and working on my face instead. My Poker Face, that is. Card Night here we come!



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