parks and pizza

Morning!Someone perfectly propped up this stuffed monkey on the corner last night. Random? Cute?

No monkeying around, I just wasn’t feeling up for a run today. Anthony and I had a track date, though, so we compromised and decided to go to a track that’s closer to both of our houses (the track I usually go to is about 2 miles away). Anyways, sad news because the track was locked.So we settled for some sprints in Meridian Hill Park. This park is a pretty popular hangout for citizens of the Kalorama and Columbia Heights neighborhoods.But, this park did not used to always be this way! According to Wikipedia the park was once going to hold a “Presidential Mansion” to replace the White House. There’s a beautiful fountain in the park, and it also sits atop a massive hill that overlooks the entire city. If I was President I wouldn’t mind living there.

Unfortunately, in the 70s and 80s, the park became a drug haven. Now it’s been cleaned up a lot, but I probably wouldn’t stroll around there at night. It sort of reminds me of Patterson Park, in Baltimore.

Now that I think about it, parks are awesome running spots. Some are way too small for a lengthy run, but I’m so thankful for the massive parks that local governments make around the world. Some of my favorite parks? Well, Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC, of course…also, Central Park in New York City. And third would be Buen Retiro Park, in Madrid. I’ve had some good jogs in those spots. What’s your favorite park to run in?

Last night! Weeknight fun continued with a pizza + wine party on the roof. Nothing ends a Wednesday like some a slice o’ thick-crusted meat lovers. Washed down with two buck chuck. God bless America.

These two ladies are becoming blog regulars.Staying true to form, we broke a wine glass.Still, a good time was had by all! The madness continues tonight. I’ve got a running club happy hour on the menu!



  1. Anna

    Have fun with the running club!
    My favorite running parks include Budapest`s Margaret Island (it`s a park-island with limited traffic on 95% of the ground), the Barcelona Park Güell though I guess it`s a little touristy and full, Tuileries in Paris and the ones you mentioned in the DC area and of course Central Park too!

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