I’m not usually into taking early-morning sleepy photos but needed to show off the coolest sports bra ever. Thanks Alanna for the perfect birthday present! The best gifts are those you didn’t even know you absolutely needed. Yes that is the Maryland state flag printed all over.Other exciting things from my run today included this free stack of magazines:I mean, nice, but really? So random. It was only like 4 magazines. US Weekly + National Geographic + The Smithsonian Magazine. What a collection.

Also, what exactly is this bike supposed to do? And how would it handle a sharp turn?Good thing I live in such an interesting/beautiful city. It keeps me going.Even when I have to run up a stupid hill 8 times. Unexciting, but good for you.Yesterday was full of dates! First, I met up with my friend Alex for lunch. She came all the way to Chinatown to meet me in the National Portrait Gallery. This lovely museum has an enclosed plaza that makes you feel like you’re outside when you’re actually not! It’s a great spot for a lunch date. We asked a man to take our photo and he went all out with poses and backdrops. Here are some shots from our 10-minute modeling session:Next up were (unpictured) drinks with Anthony and coworkers, and then a lazy dinner at Tonic. I fall victim to anything involving swiss cheese + mushrooms. The good news is that Anthony doesn’t like pickles which meant two for me!

Unfortunately we had to trek allllll the way home from the Foggy Bottom part of town, which means we had to schlep all the way to a bus stop and wait for our slow and unreliable ride home. The only way to cope with such harsh living conditions is to eat froyo en route. Anthony is pretending to sleep because we were exhausted/in a food coma.

Which is the best way to end any night. Let’s see if I can go for round 2 this evening.



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