Saddest day ever:Not only were these cookies trashed and smashed, but they were also soggy! It’s another grey one here in the District. Which makes for wet yet beautiful views. About 15 planes must have landed right over my head today!
On my run I started thinking about getting bored of running. I wasn’t really bored today, but when I’m training for a race I tend to hit a slump toward the middle/end of the 12-17 week plans.Over the years, though, I’ve learned how to keep running “fresh,” even when you’re doing a million miles a week along the same streets. Here are some pointers:

  • Change it up. Try new routes, new paces, new lengths, and new speed workouts. Don’t do the same run every day — I know it’s easy to stick to the same routines, but changing it up is good for both the mind and body!  A lot of routes posted by runners around the world are available at USATF.
  • Get some company. For long runs, I find it incredibly valuable to have people alongside you to chat with. It helps pass the time and encourages you to push yourself (and just show up for the run, period!) I’m a member of a running club — I’m sure your town has one too!
  • New stuff. When worst comes to worst, just go buy yourself some new running gear. I mean, what’s more fun than a new pair of sneakers?
  • “Reward” runs. Sometimes I’ll plug a destination into my run — for example, end at a friend’s house for brunch, or the store to pick something up. Of course, you’ll be sweaty and may need a ride back, but having a goal at the end of your journey can make it more meaningful.
  • Set goals. Having a race day ahead of you can give each training run more purpose, and having a set schedule with a deadline makes you more accountable.

Another way to stay excited about running is to constantly have to improvise en route. Today’s feature is an iPod waterproof protector, crafted using a single plastic newspaper bag! It may resemble a children’t floatie device, but it is a very mature accessory.

The other day my roommate noted that she hadn’t seen much froyo on the blog lately. To be addressed shortly.



  1. Anna

    This came at the perfect time, I have been getting so bored lately. Going to try a new track tomorrow and run with friends Thursday or Friday.

  2. I bore easily so never even make it to the 12-17 week mark in a schedule; I usually give up around week 3-4 😉 . So I do the things you suggest and also enter lots of events … Way too many to be sensible but at least it means I always have something to keep me excited ….

    Your photos always make your runs looks so lovely … even when I’m sure some of them are just around your local neighbourhood.

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