Where to start?!!A cupcake always works. Thank you Anthony Lambkin for a wonderful birthday experience!Guess who else went all out for my 25th? Two amazing amigas who traveled all the way from Baltimore and NYC just to eat Mexican food and champagne with me.I mostly partied all weekend, but did manage to fit in some necessities like a 16 miler. It was a good but actually pretty uneventful run considering how much ground I covered. The only thing that happened was that I found someone’s credit card on a trail. I turned it in to park police — hope Mr. Johnson finds his $$$!!Second necessity: shopping. Any DC residents or visitors — I highly encourage you to visit Violet, in Adams Morgan. It’s the best little boutique ever! Affordable, local, and fun.I bought a pair of leopard-print pants because I try to stick to practical purchases.Another crazy weekend experience: a cooking class. I’ve always wanted to go to one, and Anthony surprised me with this 3-hour experience at Culinaerie. The class was called “Cooking Italian without Tomatoes,” which is a very interesting concept. We quickly realized that our master chef was mostly substituting tomatoes with heavy amounts of cream and mozzarella. Cheers to this fantastic idea!

We made a bunch of tasty food while learning a bit about Italian food and culture. Did you know that Italians used to hate tomatoes? They thought tomatoes were dirt food for animals and the poor. How sad. On the plus side, though, Italians were responsible for creating bowtie pasta and meatballs. Thank God.The food was good but the highlight of the class was definitely the company.All the carbs + cheese definitely made for good running fuel! Anthony and I fit in a little jog to end the awesome weekend.Despite all the birthday awesomeness, I still felt like something was missing. And then I found it.The end.



  1. Anna

    Hahaha, the end is the best! Looks like you had a great day (and wonderful friends!) I`d love that cooking class since I don`t like tomatoes. Though I would probably take something that focuses on dessert (hehe).

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