up the hill down the hatch

10 times!

My Garmin’s elevation results pretty much explain the monotony of this workout. Up down up down up down. The spike there toward the end is when I had to zigzag around unsympathetic dog walkers on their iPhones. They take up the whole sidewalk and don’t care that you have to run around their massive leashes while they and their small animal wander back and forth across the pavement.Also, a lot of morning dog walkers hit the streets in their fuzzy slippers but then buy these really nice lattes at Starbucks en route. That must be nice.

Pooches aside, this hill workout was pretty good…for a hill workout. I loathe hills but they are really, really good for you. A sprint up a hill can increase your speed AND strengthen your leg muscles. It’s a magical combination that you don’t get from track workout or regular rolling hill runs. I really felt the burn on those last couple laps! But it was totally worth it — according to this article, just 20 seconds a day of hill sprints can boost your raceday performance.

The other perk of running this hill is that there’s a really nice view of the city from the top. Still not as nice as my roof’s view, though. Last night Anthony and I cheers-ed to another Tuesday by cracking open some mediocre wine and looking out at the city. See the little white stick next to the big yellow ball of light? That’s the Washington Monument!

I should hand-dry my wine glasses because they’re severely water marked. We actually had to throw Anthony’s wine glass away because it was cracked! For some reason I tend to destroy wine glasses, no problem. Tragic.

Speaking of tragedy, today is the last day EVER that I’ll be 24 years old. Oh my goodness.



  1. That’s hilarious about the dog walkers. Since my dogs aren’t extremely well-behaved, I’m always listening for runners coming up behind us so I can corral them. Especially Boyd makes sudden (friendly) lunges at them. I wish I walked with fuzzy slippers and Starbucks!!

  2. Anna

    Haha, those dog walkers really messed up your Garmin, looks funny. The route in general – a little not so funny but I agree, hills are the best for speed and strength. I think I will run some tomorrow.

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