tribute to tempo shorts

No thank you, rain.
Morning run canceled because it’s too rainy. Last week I didn’t mind getting soggy, but that was when I had friends and a nice easy route on the menu! Today I am supposed to do hills and I loathe hills — maybe this evening I’ll have the gusto to tackle them.

Unless I am too busy eating 22 cupcakes.

Last night my roommate brought home a delicious collection of miniature sweetness explosions, all the way from New York! Baked by Melissa makes high-end treats in super dangerously small sizes. AKA you can just keep eating them and think, “oh, but it’s so small!” There are about 7 cupcakes featuring peanut butter so I’m basically in heaven.

I’d like to take a moment and dedicate this post to Nike tempo shorts. They were my first real pair of “running” shorts, and they are the finest pieces of clothing I own.

Over the years I’ve collected quite a family of tempos, ranging from the first generation solid prins to the more recent funkier styles. They’re all wonderful, and all slightly different. I’m totally on board with the tempos from the last couple years, but I do miss the key pocket being on the front side, rather than the rear — does anyone know what I’m taking about?

These shorts are great because they wash easily and hold up after hundreds of miles and gallons of sweat. They have a nice but non-annoying underwear part on the inside (for those who are interested) and, as mentioned, a small little pocket to throw in a small set of keys. They’re short but not too short, snug but not too snug, and, at $28-$34, they’re not too pricey compared to other running gear. The waistband is pure gold — I usually roll mine once, and have only rarely had any issue with chafing. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s difficult to come across fabrics and seams that don’t act up after 10 miles or so! If you were going to watch the morning news you should turn it off and watch this promotional video from Nike instead.



  1. Taffeta!?!?! Low rise!! I love it. Lol. I only have 3 pairs. I should work on that. I lways flip the waistband. I like them a lot, but I think they have a weird front bulge that’s not exactly attractive. That’s because I’m a blogger and take far too many pictures of myself!!!

  2. Hey i love your new layout! i don’t have tons of cool workout clothes, especially for running cuz i pretty much refuse to do it. Avoiding chaffing is probably a great idea though! 🙂

  3. Anna

    I love my tempos too but I find them still a little long. I don`t mind the pocket in the bag because I use it for my phone (fits just okay, sticks out at the top a little).
    I love your collection, especially those funky purple ones. And I am so glad that Nike who had closed down all their shops in Hungary is returning. As soon as I get back home I will check out their store and see if I can get myself something funky too.

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