coolio visor loan

Favorite meal of the day is breakfast.

Especially when shared with a good friend! Melanie just came home after a week in London. She got watch the Olympics and gave me a full recap since I missed most of them.

I wanted to watch, but the past few weeks have just been too busy! Marathon training, new job, side job…fun times. At least the marathon training part is pretty fun. Same as breakfast, running is best experienced with company. Yesterday I met up with the DC Road Runners for a little over half of my 14 miler. We ran on the Custis Trail — definitely one of the city’s hilliest routes!
It was cooler outside than last week’s long run, but I wouldn’t mark 80° as hoodie and jeans weather. Not sure if this guy got the seasonal memo, but cheers to him for getting his exercise nonetheless.

Georgetown is a ritzy part of DC full of shops and wealthy people with small dogs. Luckily the shoppers don’t hit the town till about 10 a.m., so I got to window shop and run simultaneously with no pedestrian obstacles.

The best store in all of Georgetown, though, is Georgetown Running Company. The store allows my club to meet there — and of course, I occasionally buy some gear while I’m there. As you might recall, I’ve been thinking about buying a running visor to keep the sun outta my face. Well. On Saturday I was just browsing the store’s visors, and told the manager I would have to come back to buy this one next week (I was running with no credit card or cash…oops!).Then my life improved x1000 when he told me to just take it and pay him next week. After a short battle I gave in and let him be one of the nicest men ever!

Another extremely nice man is Anthony, who whipped up some shrimp tostadas the other night. I had this random thing of brie that I didn’t know what to do with…what better idea than melt it all over a slice of bread with shrimp? Okay.

We spent a while figuring out how to de-vein a shrimp. It’s kind of gross so I let Anthony master the art while I focused mostly on eating extra cheese.

Also, we made sure to be kind to our earth and our nation by purchasing US wild-caught shrimpies. It cost a few extra dollars but I was feeling patriotic. If you’re ever wondering what shrimp is best for your body, the economy, and mother nature, I suggest checking out Seafood Watch recommendations.

Dinner was consumed while watching Dracula 3000. It’s a collection of scenes featuring dracula, Coolio, vulgar language, outer space, and gore, with no real storyline or underlying logic.

But anything featuring Coolio as a vampire is a must-watch. Anthony’s roommate Victor described it accurately by saying it was “the best of the worst.” It got 1 star on IMDB.

How is it Sunday afternoon already?! I’m off to savor the last few hours of the weekend!



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