soggy yet social

Yesterday was just one of those days where I felt very unsocial. After being busy every night this week, I needed some down time in a bad way! So I skipped out on my happy hour plans and took a really really long walk home from work. It was a bit sweaty, of course, but still very nice.

None of my journey seem complete without a bit of:

By this morning, though, I was back in action! Met up with the girls for a short Friday jog in the pouring rain. We are pretty hardcore — I nearly lost both my contacts in the first half mile. So we had to take a proud soggy photo at the end of our run and asked a Starbucks employee to snap a shot.

Waterproof camera = good blogging investment.

I love running with friends. It helps pass the time and keeps you motivated! Don’t get me wrong, though — I definitely enjoy my solo runs — but having a support group to push you along and actually care about your goals is worth a million. If you don’t have any running friends at home, you can still make some virtual one! I came across this the other day and thought it was pretty neat:

Speaking of virtual friends, you know what’s on my calendar?

The FitBloggin conference! It’s right up the road in Baltimore, so I figured it was fate. I’m really looking forward to meeting other bloggers and learning a ton of stuff to make my blog even MORE exciting.

First, though, I’m looking forward to the weekend! Lots of good fun to come.



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