Nothing like a little magical tablet to spice up your weeknight. Or perhaps sweet up your weeknight?

Yesterday Anthony and I headed to LivingSocial’s Miracle Berry Party where we popped a little pill filled with magical berries, and then ate really random foods. It was a neat event — loved the atmosphere.

The pill looks like ecstasy or some other hard drug, but it’s really just a condensed form of a rare “miracle fruit” called synsepalum dulcificum. You eat it, and then everything you eat for the next hour is extremely sweet!

Example: a lemon tastes like super sugary lemonade! I ate four lemons no problem. Crazy.

Or, try sriracha sauce on cheese! Why not?!

We also ate a ton of salt and vinegar chips, strawberries dipped in cream cheese, and other really strange food combinations that sounded awful but tasted delicious. When the miracle effects were finally wearing off, we headed to Nando’s for some chicken.

Bad idea to order spicy Peruvian chicken after downing a random pill and 1 lb of citrus fruits, but whatever. I was literally sweating while I ate this meal because, as the flag states, this chicken was hot. Good thing Anthony knows by now that I am sweaty 90% of the time.

Overall it was a night of extreme flavor shocks (which may or may not have ended with some peanut butter and jelly flavored froyo…) and my mouth was like, what the heck?

Somehow, though, the combo was perfect fuel for a run this morning! I hit the track and felt really, really good. Anthony really loves his DC Road Runners shirt.

School’s still out, so the track is typically locked these days. We had to break in like bandits before we could run our 800s.

Speaking of bandits, anyone interested in stealing this nice box frame? It’s available for the taking, on 13th and Fairmont St. NW.

Could use a few touch-ups, but otherwise I think she’s a beauty. Happy Thursday.



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