carbs and cals

At about 2 pm yesterday I realized I knew exactly what I wanted to eat for breakfast, 18 hours in advance. Clue: it rhymes with “stench roast” but is like 1000xxx better….


After all this carb loading I had very little time to run, but it was totally worth it! I took a quick couple of climbs up the zoo hill. I really loathe hill workouts…maybe if I pair them with syrup-coated breakfasts I will be more inspired to complete them.

You know who else is inspiring? Miriam! Ran right into her on my route. I tend to gravitate toward people who wake up before 6 am and make them my friends. She was nice enough to pose for an inspirational photo.

The incline isn’t so steep, but it goes on for at least half a mile. Ugh! Luckily I had Kings of Leon to help me bust a move up this baby.

I felt like my short run today wasn’t much of a workout…but then I realized I probably broke more of a sweat than an Olympic sprinter! Check this out:

One time I knitted an entire scarf in two days…who knew I was getting a workout in while doing so? Screw the pole valut and pick up your needles, people! Or even better, get down on your knees and pray for a beautiful Wednesday.



    • Archers have to stand still with concentration and muscle control for the duration of their event. That burns a lot of calories both due to the brain power involved and the muscle control. Or at least that’s what I think explains the calorie burn (I’m certainly no expert)

  1. FRD

    That must be the archery where they run a few miles in-between shots or something. We will be doing synchronized floating this weekend in the lake.Wonder how many cals go down by opening a brewski and all those elbow bends to get ‘er down ?

  2. Kevin

    You can always vary it up and do a loop around the cheetah exhibit or flamingo pen for some extra entertainment(no extra incline however). Julia and I did that tues and got some extra motivation for our run through the zoo!

    • well, i’m going to tell you right now. mix an egg, 1/2 cup of milk, cinnamon, and some vanilla. dip some bread in it and soak it good. then toss it in a pan coated with butter/pam/oil and TA DA the most delicious thing ever the end!!! you won’t regret!

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