the r word

Lucky me to have this guy ask me on a 9 mile date at 6 am! Wow, we are weird.But, you know what? I’m really thankful Anthony like to exercise — and, in the morning, just like me! If not, I think we’d have some serious issues.

But, like this article says, sometimes exercise can be a huge stumbling block for relationships when it gets in the way of the really important stuff — like holidays, spending time with kids, etc. I can’t believe the whole “spouse of a triathlete” culture. It would be extremely difficult dating someone who had to workout 3 hours a day and be in bed by 9 pm. WOW.

For Anthony and me, I think running together has been a really great part of our relationship. It was one of the first ways we got to know each other and probably one of the best ways we’ve gotten to know each other over the years. Last fall, we trained for a marathon together — including 22+ mile runs, just us two! It was a new challenge for us and we both learned a whole lot about each other. We had some really memorable runs. According to another article, couples who workout together (or separately) are more likely to inspire each other, have positive attitudes, eat healthy, and try out new routines.

Another important relationship in my life — my roommates!! Look who we ran into this morning in Rock Creek Park! Daniela and her friend Marisa.

Daniela is training for a half marathon. She is going to kick butt! She doesn’t know it yet but I am going to ask her to write a guest post when she’s at the end of her training….muahahaha.

And while I’m gushing about my loves, here’s a photo of my usuals, since I haven’t been posting about them lately…

Animal crackas. Every morning.

And froyo, just about every night. Forgive the not-so-appealing layer of hot caramel….but it was good!

Tonight the weirdness continues when we go to a wine bar to drink water.



  1. Anna

    I thought your fro-yo was soup because of that caramel 😉
    Anyways, I think it`s great that you have someone who will work out with you and who will even get up early, too! That`s really great! I`m hoping to meet someone just like that, too.

  2. I have to agree that exercise habits are important in a relationship. I don’t think I could be with someone who didn’t understand my love of getting up early in the morning to run.

  3. My husband and I met in a gym and have been workout partners ever since. It’s amazing that I have inspired by football playing, powerlifting husband to run a marathon and he has inspired me, his triathele, figure competitor wife to powerlift. We are both better rounded athletes because of eachother.

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