tacos and mannequins

It’s been a while since I found some junk on the street. Boy, was I in luck today when I spotted this wine chiller just waiting for me!

I wonder if it works? For anyone interested in picking it up, it’s on 19th and W street NW.

Other than that, it was a muggy Monday 6-er.

You could say I looked like this the whole time:

Except much sweatier and not wearing a dress of course. This shot is from Saturday evening! Anthony and I went to dinner and a movie. After spending THREE HOURS watching The Dark Knight (really good!), we had some time to kill before our dinner reservation. Of course, we decided to pop in a sporting goods store and look at overpriced tech tees etc.

Then, it was time for ZENGO! I’ve been wanting to try this place since 2007 so it was about time I got my butt in there!

Zengo is a swanky modern tapas place in Chinatown. The atmosphere was really nice, the food was pretty good, and of course some really weird couple was sitting next to us which was very entertaining.

We got a lot of food, from tacos to sushi to pulled pork. Definitely not tapas in the true Spanish sense, but fun nonetheless!

The weird couple is sort of in the background of this one! Their date was basically him talking his head off and her nodding and smiling. When she went to the bathroom he ordered her an extra strong mixed drink…

As for us, we hit up the “mock” tails pretty hard. Did I mention we’re giving up booze for a few weeks? It’s been challenging but rewarding already.
Zengo was definitely a winner! But really, my complaint is that…well, we were both still hungry, 6 plates later! Considering I ran a ton that day, maybe we should have just cooked up a big bowl of pasta or something.Though it was nice posing with the mannequins, I think I look much better with Anthony. Happy Monday people!



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