running and food post #2348

Started out my Saturday like usual:

Except a bit on the later side, this time. Usually I try to get the run out of the way from about 6-8:30 or 9, but today was more like 7:30-10. Ugghhhh the HEAT!!

Luckily I had some company for a solid 7 miles thanks to the DC Road Runners. I am helping “coach” people who are training for their first half marathon. I seriously think I get more out of the program than the trainees do. I love seeing people set a goal and work hard to achieve it. It’s so inspiring!

I had to lead the first pace group on the run, which meant I got all 7 of us lost. Sorry people.

We made it back, though, and then I set out to finish the journey!

To be honest, I was feeling pretty meh about this run after mile 14 or so. I kept chugging away at a slow and sweaty pace and could not get my mind to stop thinking about how badly I wanted to take a shower and a nap instead of run on this stupid yet very pretty trail. Oh, negativity…you never do me any good, do you?!!

But then I got to run through a creepy tunnel which was pretty cool.

So I finished the eighteenth and one-half mile after all. THE END.

But not really the end, because I changed up my route and still had a long way home. I ended my run at Georgetown Running Store, where the staff was kind enough to store my water bottle and let me sit and drink some water, gatorade, and chocolate milk for a while. My stomach was like “lkjasdlkfasmvlghalgjoaiutrlkj,” but I was like, “too bad, I know you need it.” Then, I had to walk 1.5 miles to catch a bus home.

I was in such a daze that I missed my stop! Blonde moment #20398439 for me.

It was kind of a pain to have to schlep my sore and sweaty self home after the run instead of just incorporating my run home into my route, but it was worth it! I live on top of a massive hill and I did not want to run up that beast today, so I let DC public transport take me up it instead. Muahahaha.

Now I am showered, fed, and back in bed, I’m reflecting on all of the delicious food I purchased yesterday. Get ready for a weekend of dining out shots — somehow, I’ve scheduled like 60% of my meals at restaurants for the weekend. I try not to eat out too much, but when you love food and people so much it’s like, what the heck.

Yesterday my (new!) coworkers and I headed to the happenin’ lunch scene in DC- food truck square. People in DC love food trucks because obviously food tastes better if prepared in an automobile.

I got a box o’ jambalaya which seriously weighted 6 lbs. I will be eating leftover jambalaya until 2013.

After this nice light lunch, Anthony and I met up with two friends (Victor and Catherine) for dinner at the best local hangout: Southern Hospitality. Steak salad for me please!

Anthony and I are on an alcohol “fast” with our church, so we went wild on the Arnold Palmers. I think I got about 5 refills.

We ended up lounging around at our nice outdoor table for a few hours, discussing the ins and outs of high-level security, the “boldness” of women who ask men on dates, people who pay with checks at the grocery store and hold up the line for 15 minutes, reflections on my new job, and dreams of vacationing in Cape Town. Perfect way to end the work week.

Since I did the peanut butter toast + massive run routine, I might as well keep the trend going with a afternoon nap. Goodnight!



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