Nam Hui Kim


Daniela, her friend Izzy, and I celebrated the weekend early last night with some sushi. I kept up with the Asian theme by microwaving some edamame in the bowl Anthony got me from Vietnam!

I wasn’t thinking about photos for my blog when we decided to paint the walls of my apartment yellow. They look good in real life, I promise.

We watched a show on MTV called WakeBrothers. When was the last time you watched something on MTV? I think mine might have been Real World Season 7. WakeBrothers is a charming tale about two douchy brothers who do stupid things and treat women poorly.

Back to the Asian theme — yesterday I took a very important test and realized that I am a perfect candidate for the North Korean women’s football team.

There’s no real segue from that, so let’s just move on to running gear. As promised, here’s an update on some new swag I got this week!

After a sad struggle, my 1st generation 8G touch iPod kicked the bucket. After its volume buttons stopped working a few weeks ago, the sickness spread to its touch screen (half working), and finally its backlight (not working). RIP.

So I emptied my bank account and bought an iPod Classic 160 GB! My music has moved up 6 generations in 1 day. Here’s my little family, all lined up (oldest on the left, newest on the right!) Sadly the two on the left are dead, but I have to keep them around to import their libraries. I’ve been using PodWorks to do this, by the way – it’s great.

The new ‘pod has been great so far. I have a few things to say about running with iPods. The first is that running with touch screens is The Worst. They’re just difficult to deal with because you have to slow down and look at what you’re doing. The classic non-touch wheel is much better because you can just switch songs and keep running! The touch screen is also terrible for sweaters (i.e., me). The screen has a tough time registering your finger with the moisture, and eventually the humidity breaks down the screen entirely.

My extremely old school iPod on the left (circa 2005) lasted me a solid 5 years or so — the touch screen in the middle only stuck it out for about a year. If you read reviews and talk to other iPod geeks like me, you’ll see that Classics are considered much sturdier than touch screens.

Yes, the nano or shuffle are also good for throwing in your gym back or wearing during a workout, but for me, they just don’t cut it. I’ve got a lot of music – almost 40 GB – and don’t have the patience to load my iPod with new songs before each workout. Plus, when you’re running up to 3-4 hours, you need a large library to keep you going.

So, in sum, as a long distance, outdoor runner I chose the classic because: 1) it’s sturdy (rain, sweat, drops, etc.), 2) my hands can easily navigate it, and 3) it holds a heap of music.

There’s even more gear to go with it, but I’m tired of talking about it so let’s move on to tuna salad! It’s been my lunch item for the week. Never treats me bad. Anyone adding nuts + fruit is a good addition to a tuna salad? Other ingredients included lemon juice, greek yogurt, mayo, mustard, and the usual celery, carrots, etc.

It’s cheap, tasty, and very portable. The other day I met up with Anthony for a very DC lunch date in front of the white house.

As we ate the tasty tuna we were entertained by packs of toursits, protestors, and security guards. I took a glam shot with them.

I’ve already packed the last bit of my tuna for lunch today, and loaded all of Rihanna’s albums onto my new iPod. It’s going to be a good day.



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