up/down, round/round

I managed to tackle those hills yesterday after all. Ta-da. Yes, I beat the woman in the blue dress!

I was feeling pretty pooped after work and the commute home, so I kept it to a short and sweet 3.5 miles. I’m shooting for quality, not quantity, this training season!

Plus I wanted to keep the legs ready for this morning. Back-to-back workouts are never fun, but some days your schedule just can’t be dictated 100% by running — I know, crazy.


Anthony met me at the track for some loops. I did 400s (400 meters = 1 full lap around the track), a lucky 13 times. I’m glad he came, because my fellow club members have been slacking lately! The company was encouraging.


Sometimes I like to intentionally wear monochromatic running outfits. Seriously! I mean, if you are going to be completely covered in sweat, you might as well do it in all pink.

Speaking of pink, remember the Adidas discussion I brought up yesterday? I did my research and it looks like they do make a pair in pink. Here they are: the women’s Adizero F50 2.0.

The shoe has gotten pretty good reviews, actually. I don’t know any runners that have Adidas, but I’d be curious to get a first-hand account. From what I can gather, it’s a lightweight shoe, but with more stability than “minimalist” shoes. One review says the shoe is a “great high mileage shoe for neutral or slight overpronating runners.”

Okay, so it is pink, but it’s shiny pink. Is that too much, maybe? I’ll stay happy in my Brooks Pure Connects for the time being, thank you.

They are probably the best shoes I’ve ever had. I love them. Mine are nowhere nearly as white as these after a million dirty miles…they’re more of a…”natural beige,” you could say.

The running gear talk is just beginning! I got a ton of new running stuff this week and plan on bombarding my blog with product reviews shortly. Thanks!






  1. Impressive repeats on the 400s! That’s a lot!
    I know runners who run in the Adizero and have no complaints. Very lightweight, yet supportive and great for higher mileage.
    Keep it up!

  2. I’m dying to get a pair of PureConnects! I’ve just recently started running in Kinvaras and love them!

    Back-to-back workouts, hills, AND a track workout?! You’re definitely an inspiration! I strongly dislike all three of those things, but know I need to get my butt in gear if I want to become a better runner. Thanks for the motivation!

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