It just wasn’t happening for me today. I woke up, and the thought of running up and down a hill 6 times just wasn’t appealing. So, I kept sleeping. The hill will still be waiting for me this evening if I’m up for the challenge!

Look what Anthony made for dinner last night! He is obsessed with white peaches right now and found a salad recipe that uses a mix of peaches, chicken, mint, and some other stuff. I loved it. Recipe here!
We put it on a mountain of lettuce and it took me about 2 hours to eat the whole thing because I’m particular about using very small utensils.

I suppose you could call it a “light” dinner, but considering we ate a bunch of french fries and mcflurries on our road trip from Ohio, it was perfect!

Speaking of light, look who jumped on the bandwagon about 3 years late?

Adidas finally came out with a minimalistic running shoe, well after Nike, Brooks, Vibram, Asics, Saucony, and even Reebok. I’ve never run in Adidas…any recommendations? My first thought is that the shoes are really ugly, but maybe the women’s styles look better.

If they make a pink pair, I could be convinced.



  1. Anna

    That salad looks good! I’m not sure about the Adidas’ either.. My experience with their workout gear hasn’t been the best so I’m a little skeptical about the brand in general, don’t like too many of their designs because I prefer a more streamlined look. Anyways I’d love to see the women’s models. Hasn’t Adidas sold minimalist shoes in the past?

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