keeping it real

Typical run in DC.




Isn’t it funny that TVs used to weigh 500 lbs? What were we thinking, people?

‘Twas a good jog, but my legs were a bit tired. Even though we didn’t run much over the weekend, we were still on our feet a lot! Dancing is hard work.

My cousins (below!) took us to downtown Akron for some fun. Akron is very real.

We had fun. Who is the guy wearing the SlipKnot shirt, and why would he want to dance to Pit Bull? He has his shoes on in this picture, but he took them off shortly after. Yep.

Dancing seriously is a workout. According to this data, a 150 lb person would burn about 300 calories on the dance floor in an hour. Running, on the other hand, would burn about 500. Either is a sweaty good time in my opinion!

Even though my run wasn’t top-notch this morning due to late night partying and marathon training madness, I still appreciate it. It’s the bad runs that make you treasure the good runs, right?!



  1. Anna

    I miss DC! I wasn`t really into running back when we lived there but I went biking around the Potomac and on the trails by the falls. Good memories.

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