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What did you have for breakfast this morning?

If you had Kashi or another “all natural” cereal, you might want to think a bit. I know, so hard to do in the mornings!

There’s a mini uproar going on in the cereal world about “natural” products that are mostly made of genetically modified foods. A report by the Cornucopia Institute has picked up momentum, and caused a bit of a media stir. Since the USDA, as of now, does not have any regulations associated with the word “natural,” a company such as Kashi can label anything “natural,” even if the product would probably not be considered “natural” by many people.

I don’t have strong opinions on GMOs, and think we’ll all be okay eating some GM foods. However, I do think companies should be honest when they label something “natural,” and strive to make that product GMO-free, or almost GMO-free. But anyways. It’s an interesting story to follow, and I’m curious to see what “natural” will mean 6 months from now, 2 years from now.

But really, what’s most important is having a nice manicure. Since I had 3 hours to kill during the Bachelorette season finale on Sunday, I went all out with a two-toned french manicure. It’s all the rage these days, people.

Now that I’ve eaten a bowl full of chemicals, and have nice pink nails, I’m ready to race! Tonight the club is hosting a 1-mile dash and a 3k sprint. According to the McMillan calculator, based on my half marathon time, I should be able to run a mile in 6:08. Let’s see if he’s right!




  1. I read an article that kashi products were being contaminated with GMOs and I agree with you, they really should label products as they are. I’d like to know what’s in my food you know?

    Good luck with your race tonight!

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