carrot cake and vanilla swirl



Still running. From the inside…

To the outside.

Yesterday I was able to squeeze a run in during the evening. It’s always difficult for me to find time to run after work, after thinking about dinner, showering, meeting up with friends, etc. Luckily yesterday I was able to do all of it, though it took some serious willpower!

And by willpower, I mean that I had to stop myself from going back for round 2 of frozen yogurt because I knew I had to run after. Sigh. Unfortunately, frozen yogurt is not known as a reliable pre-run snack. But I’m sure no formal research has been done yet, so who knows…

Here’s Miriam, wearing her wonderful DC Road Runners Club t-shirt.


Who invented toppings bars? I can’t believe the soft-serve dessert industry supports this feature. It makes people go crazy. As if Tasti D Lite’s 120 flavors weren’t enough to overwhelm us, they really pushed us over the edge with 50+ toppings! I have officially lost my mind.

Proof is that I was crazy enough to run up a big hill 6 times this morning. The madness must have also hit Anthony who volunteered to join! And he was feeling very American by wearing red, white, and blue. What a champion!

Back-to-back run and late bedtimes are starting to catch up with me already, and it’s only Tuesday. Thank goodness I fit in some froyo therapy, tomorrow is my final day at work, and a long weekend is on the horizon! The upward climb is almost over.






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