eastern and southern

Let’s just get the weekend street furniture shots out of the way.

Yep, I’m holding up the missing leg to this one.

This couch is still here! Though it’s lost its cushions, been tipped on its side, and has faded from purple to grey.

Is it Monday already? Crap. At least I have some nice leftovers from the weekend to look forward to! Last night I went all out and tried making some Vietnamese food. I have zero experience in this category but am always up to try something new. Anthony picked me up this book from his last travels in Vietnam and I cracked it open. On the menu: crab and tofu noodle soup.

I wish I could write about how I flawlessly whipped it together, but that wasn’t the case. I went to a grocery store and an Asian shop on Saturday, and couldn’t find two ingredients.

Which meant, we had to make a trip to Chinatown. Luckily the journey was a good excuse to go to brunch, too. I’m usually not a brunch person at all, but I went twice this weekend! What’s happening to me?!!

Anthony and I went to Matchbox. Similar to Southern Hospitality, this place has an awesome brunch that has yet to be discovered by DC-lites. Which means good seating, quick service, and happy times!

I got a whopping bowl of lemon-y yogurt and toppings.

And convinced Anthony to get fried chicken and waffles. Yep, I had grits and fried chicken (twice) this weekend. I am clearly homesick for Tennessee! (it looks like Anthony’s plate has a floating egg on it, but there’s a stack of hashbrowns under it I swear)

Then we rolled ourselves out of the restaurant and into the teeny aisles of Asian markets.

Found ’em! Shrimp paste (Tom Tau Hu Ky) and Tamarind powder (Nuoc Cham Me). Definitely two pantry staples- I can’t believe I didn’t have them on hand. They smell like cat food.

Despite the pungent scent, they tasted good in the soup. Success! You can call me mừng Ma-ri-a from now on.

I continued my eastern experiences this weekend with a couple of trips to Buddha B Yoga. The classes have been really good so far! Definitely more challenging than Meridian Yoga. And plus they have nice-smelling incense.

I’m trying to boost my yoga attendance over the next few weeks, to keep my stretching up while I run big time. Eleven weeks until race day, and I’ve got to make sure I take care of the body! Especially the hips and hamstrings. After all, “moderate amounts of yoga, or other means of extended efforts of combined static and dynamic stretching, may create the baseline amount of muscle flexibility and strength needed for high-level running performances,” according to this study.

Now I just need to find the data about fried chicken and running performance.



  1. Alanna

    Is fried chicken and waffles a thing? Do you eat them together like a sandwich?
    I’m shocked not to be reading about the Bachelorette in this entry, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go elsewhere for a season conclusion!

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