long time

Wake up.

Run 3 miles. Get completely drenched.

Steal this person’s newspaper sleeve to protect iPod (sorry!).

Run 5 more miles. Meet up with running club.

Run 3 more miles, then drink Gatorade and talk.

Run 4 more miles. Still drenched, but home. Shower, food, and right back to bed!

Then, wake up like a normal person, recall hazy memories of some run/dream, and meet Alanna for brunch! I picked Southern Hospitality. The last time I was there was so good I had to go again.

Alanna got the lamb/beef burger. She is a great sport about taking photos for the blog. And a great sport for letting me steal some fries. We talked for a long time.

I got an omelet, and it was good. But the real winner was obviously the grits. I had low expectations for the grits, given that I was in DC. But these were on par with the best southern grits I’ve had! Nom nom nom. I actually don’t want to write such positive things about Southern Hospitality, because then people will find out and it will get too popular and there will be 2 hour waits like 90% of all brunch places around town. What is up with brunch? People are obsessed with it. I think the idea of combining two meals into one mega-meal is appealing.

On my long run days, I have strange meals at all times of the day. Waking up early, running a ton, and sleeping again sort of throws me off. Sometimes I have super late second breakfasts, super early lunches, two dinners…whatever. I just eat what sounds good, when I’m hungry! One time Anthony and I ran 23 miles in the afternoon and ordered a pizza when we got home, and ate it all in about 15 minutes. It was the best thing ever.

More food? How about some fried chicken?

Melanie and I hadn’t seen each other in about a month! So we met up for dinner last night. We bumped RIGHT into Sharon on our way to the restaurant, and picked her up to join us!

Of course, similar to brunch, people are obsessed with dinner in DC. We went to three restaurants before we found one with a wait under 1 hour – Logan Tavern. The food was okay, the company was great! For some reason we also decided to eat some gingerbread at Whole Foods. Melanie is less of a good sport about blog photos:

The weekends are the best because you have a long time to spend doing things you love. Like running, eating, and talking for a long, long time. Even in the rain!



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