quality vs quantity

Oh, the stress!!

Last night the ladies of my apartment went to get some frozen yogurt. We tried Tasti D Lite, the new place in town.

It was the most stressful experience because there are 125 flavors to choose from. Not kidding! The sign behind the machine is full of flavors.

Luckily these men were very eager to help us and we got to sample everything. I give the one on the right extra points for volunteering to wear a t-shirt with hot pink lips on it.

I ended up going with pomegranate and cocounut cookie crumble. No idea where that combination came from, but I’ll pretty much eat any ice cream flavor. With the exception of mint chocolate. Fun fact: I have never liked mint. I used bubblegum-flavored toothpaste until I was 17 years old and still can’t chew mint gum for more than 45 seconds. Sprinkles are another story though.

A good time was had by all. Now I just need to go back 123 times to cross off every flavor! If anyone is interested in this pursuit please contact me. It’s right up there with the burrito challenge, which is happening soon.

Other than eating a lot of ice cream/frozen yogurt (what is tasti d lite made of, anyways? According to them, it’s neither ice cream nor yogurt. It’s a “dairy-based soft serve frozen dessert.” Okay.), I’m still training away for my marathon. Here’s a picture of a boring gym. Does black and white make it seem more interesting?!!

About marathon training. Yesterday I came across this article from Active.com- “10 Tips for Running Your Strongest Marathon.” I think it’s really great. First, it talks about how you should listen to your body, and pick a training plan that works for you. The writer talks about the necessity of rest days, carbohydrates, and recovery.

My favorite bit is about quality vs. quantity of runs. You can choose one or the other, he says. But striving for both won’t help you. In the past I’ve been known to overtrain; for example, I trained forever  before I ran Boston. I did a million miles a week – some at pretty top speeds – and never rested. When race day came, I was slow. For my last marathon (in Disneyworld!), I ran fewer miles, did more cross training, and took more rest days. And beat my Boston time by 4 minutes. I still struggle to figure out exactly how much I should run, but I think I’m starting to learn that quality beats quantity when it comes to running, at least for me.

As for dairy-based soft serve frozen desserts though, I do always strive for both high quality and quantity. HAPPY FRIDAY!



  1. Coconut cookie crumble sounds awesome – I definitely would have gotten that too because it combines 2 of my favorite things! What was the weirdest flavor they had?
    The whole mint thing – have you ever tried cinnamon toothpaste? It’s so good! I used to use it all the time but one time I ran out and the drug store didn’t have it so I’ve been using mint…. sad.

  2. Ahh 125 flavors that is incredibly stressful. I am so indecisive about ice cream. I literally sample every flavor before I make a decision. It’s serious business!

    Crest makes a lemon flavored toothpaste (although it may be lemon mint?). It’s really good!

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