french fries & ostriches

It is hard to cross the street when there is a big truck of french fries blocking you.

Stoplight/french fry truck stops are one of my least favorite things about running on the streets vs. running on trails. Though I like both, I try to stick to mostly dirt trails; a rule of thumb for runners is to stick to softer surfaces – like trails, grass, tracks – over harder surfaces like concrete. This is encouraged for a number of reasons- less stopping, more diversity in your footstep, and, most importantly, fewer injuries. However, the last note about the relationship between injury and running surface has recently been debated in the running community. Perhaps concrete isn’t so horrible, after all…see this article and this article. Hard surfaces can actually help strengthen your muscles, and irregular soft surfaces increase the likelihood of a twisted ankle. The plot thickens.

To keep the limbs nice and flexible, I hit up Meridian Yoga yesterday for my 10th and final class!  I wouldn’t really recommend this studio, but the people are nice anyways.

No worries, I have another Groupon for another DC studio starting today. Lucky me, about 10 new yoga studios pop up in DC every week and give me free classes.

Did I say “up”? As in, UP HILL?

After I ate some french fries from the truck I ran up this massive hill in the DC Zoo. Three times.

It was hot and sort of terrible, but Olga cheered me on! I see her about once a week and we’re BFFs.

Support also came from Kevin and his friend Julia! I bumped into them right along my run. Kevin claims not to be a runner, but just did a 10-miler and is training for his first half marathon. That would make him a liar.

If I get to bump into friends and ostriches on the pavement, I think I might stick to road running from now on. The end.



  1. Kevin

    My training just so happened to begin today, with Julia as my motivator to convince me to get up early AM to run. Also, if I see Mary while running in the street, it just means I’m really starting to make it into the big leagues of running, which is a total ego boost.

  2. Anthony

    Chris rightly pointed out to me that the attractive flightless bird you ran into at the zoo is actually an emu. You have now offended every Aussie that reads your blog!

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