ho ho ho, cereal on the go

I went all 6 miles without seeing a single piece of furniture this morning.

But then… at 6.01, I saw it. The brown bottom almost blended in with this person’s garden, but the red caught my eye at just the last second! Phew. Glad I didn’t miss this beauty.

Other than a few stains and scratches, this one’s in decent shape. Unfortunately though, you apparently have to sit on it upside down which could deter some potential snaggers. Also, it poured rain for about 15 minutes yesterday evening, so I’m sure there’s a little smushin’ in the cushion. But some people might like that.

Anyways, speaking of the weather, did you know that there’s a high of 99° today? I almost drowned in my own sweat today, but luckily my tank top, ponytail, and eyeballs absorbed 50% of it. TMI?

After running in the rural south, I forgot how packed DC’s trails are. So many runners! I felt a little less special.

My running tip of the day is about apparel. In the winter, it can be very tricky to figure out how many tops you should wear, how thick your leggings should be, etc. I actually have a very detailed guidance sheet which I will share with you at a later date.

In the summer, though, the guidelines are much easier. Wear as little as possible. The end.

Another handy tip? Portable cereal containers.

These are seriously the best things ever. I usually use mine for oatmeal, and love it because I can take just the right amount of milk, in its own separate compartment.

How did I ever encounter this magical contraption? Of course, my mom put it in my Christmas stocking last year. Moms always know best. I mean, Santa Claus, always knows best.



  1. yuck, not looking forward to coming back to the DC area on Saturday! I hope it cools off or that you’re at least able to beat the heat.
    Those portable cereal containers are pretty cool!

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