planes and cake


After a long journey (car-plane-bus-metro-taxi), Anthony and I made it back to DC last night. We left at 3:30 central time, and I walked into my apartment at 11:15 eastern time. Public transportation isn’t always the speediest route on a Sunday night, but you can’t give WMATA too much crap for taking you from the Baltimore airport to central DC for about $9.

And now it’s Monday, so here’s a picture of cake and ice cream.

After sitting for so long yesterday, I gave the old legs a stretch this morning! After a long trip, I always come back feeling a bit disoriented. A good way to re-familiarize myself with a place = a run in the streets.

I checked to make sure the White House was still around, etc. Looks like DC survived without Anthony and me, after all.

Even though I focused on DC, I’m having flashbacks of yesterday’s gorgeous 11 miles, down south in Tennessee:

Now, time to get my butt back in gear. Grocery shopping, laundry folding, job working, and finally…marathon training! Get ready for lots and lots of running for the next 13 weeks.




  1. It is a hike, but I have done the same thing – going from BWI to DC. As long as you have nowhere to be on time it is not so bad and can be so much cheaper than paying to park at the airport.
    That Tennessee picture is gorgeous – what a great place to run!

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