keep going

When was the last time you embraced the joys of all-you-can-eat?

Better yet, when was the last time you embraced all-you-can-eat SUSHI?!

For me, it was Thursday. nom nom nom x100

Three thumbs up for Mufreesboro’s Cathay Asian Bistro, which gives you unlimited sushi for an unbeatable price! And, unlike other sketchy all-you-can-eat places, the food is made fresh to order. I ate so much sushi I felt a bit sick afterwards.

But the illness washed away just in time for some of these babies:

My mom calls them “fudge ecstasies.” I can’t even think of a name powerful enough to describe them.

Speaking of power, the old winds are brewing here, and we’ve had a few showers and storms. I still went running though. Rain running is an acquired hobby, but as long as the rain doesn’t get in my eyes I usually don’t mind.

Other than the weather, everything else has pretty much been the same: sleeping, eating, napping, reading, running, drinking, card-playing. Repeat.

Except for the big news: MEREDITH has arrived for our final weekend in Tennessee!

She flew all the way from New York just to do some belly flops and have mixed drinks with my dad.

Tomorrow is our final day in Winchester. Time to soak up the last hours of this excellent vacation!



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