We couldn’t take the hoopla about these tacos any more, and had to go get one. Or, four.

Taco Bell?! When was the last time I had you? Probably about 5 years ago.

We were actually pleasantly surprised by the experience. The food was much fresher than I remember, and Taco Bell has done a good job incorporating some healthier items on the menu. Such as the “Cantina Bell” section which was just rolled out by Lorena Garcia (from Biggest Loser).

Still, Doritos Loco stole the show for us. Not healthy at all,of course, but delicious yes. It’s no surprise that Taco Bell sold 100 million of these in the product’s first 10 weeks! The Doritos Loco taco is the chain’s best-selling new product ever, according to the New York Times.

This is the most romantic shot Anthony and I have ever taken:

Other than maybe this one:

This is the classic, “I’ve got sweat dripping into my eyes” look where I have to keep my old blues squinted shut due to intense stinging. Despite the heat we still had a solid run in the park yesterday.

Followed by more discount shopping. We went to Alabama to check out another Hammer’s.

It was pretty similar to the other one we went to, except this one seemed to have XXXXXXXXXXXL size pants as compared to the XXXXXXXXXL sizes at the Tennessee store. See representative men’s leather belt below.

For the record, I am 5’4.

Unfortunately this bakery was sold out of sausage rolls, and Chef Sherrell was taking a nap.

We still bought two dozen cookies just for good measure.

Popsicle and Momsicle:

And after all of that shopping, we still had to go to Walmart to look at country folks and buy more stuff we didn’t need. Since it rained yesterday (meaning, no boat), we hit the shops hard. But by dinner time, the skies had cleared for a violet sunset. I don’t think we’re ever going back to DC.



  1. Tina

    We love the sunset shot and the one of the woods, FANTASTIC. Cant wait to see it ourselves.
    We are a little concerned about the amount of food photos!!
    The taco bell photograph is indeed very romantic, sure beats Sorrento or Lake Como!!

  2. what a gorgeous sunset! Also that belt is hilarious – but kind of sad at the same time, because the fact that it exists means there is someone out there big enough to wear it…

    The kid who’s interning with me really wants to go to taco bell and I said I wouldn’t go with him but I dunno, maybe I should give it a try!

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