staying healthy

Being on vacation means that you have time to do all of your favorite things in a single day.

Yesterday we drove to Nashville to run some errands and do some serious shopping.

I bought way too much stuff, but my wardrobe is still nowhere compared to The Bachelorette’s. Sometimes I think I want to go on the show just because they get to fly around the world and wear nice clothes all the time. Then I remember that my IQ level would suffer incredibly if I spent 2 weeks with Chris Harrison so I guess I”m okay just being a normal person.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t spend 2 hours with him, watching the show. Down to two men?! I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep at night with this kind of stress.

Another quality TV show we discovered last night: Turtle Man.

There is so much crazy stuff to entertain us these days, it’s a shock we could drag ourselves away from the TV to play cards, drink tequila, and dip Biscoff cookies into a bowl of chocolate.

But where are the photos of running and salads? Well, I don’t have any for you. All I can say is that shopping counts as a workout, right? At least this article says so. And chocolate is an antioxidant, right? So yesterday was a picture-perfect example of health. Or at least good a picture-perfect example of vacay at its finest.



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