put it all together

Nothing better than some country shoppin’.

Yesterday we headed to Hammer’s, a surprisingly large shop in this small town. The place is overflowing with all sorts of stuff, ranging from homegrown honey to industrial camouflage footwear. And, of course, lots of denim.

We came to hit up some $3 college t-shirts. What a deal!

This review of Hammer’s puts it quite nicely:

“‘I’ve bought $2 reading glasses, $20/yard fabric, 4-inch-thick mattress foam, jam, books, Christmas decorations, and the best-looking preserved eucalyptus that I have seen in any store at any price.”

After all of that shopping, we came back with an appetite. Since it was the last night for my brother and sister (plus their families!) we went all out on the grill. There was too much food to even photograph but let’s just start with potatoes:

Rhymes with tomatoes:

And here’s some Butt Rub.

Put it all together and you get…

a feast!The food was a nice complement to some excellent company.

Yes my dad tans as dark as a cherry wood cabinet.

You know what is great about having a lot of time on your hands? The opportunity to make your own ice cream.

And the ability to go out for a bit of a summer run whenever you happen to feel like it.

But really, let’s just get back to looking at pictures of ice cream.



  1. Tina

    Family shots all look great. Looking forward to meeting up with you’owlllll for Thank’s Giving. Ice cream and steaks look great. We hope there are some left by November!
    Best wishes to all the family
    Lots of love to all
    Trevor and Tina

  2. I would love to make my own ice cream; however, I think that if I did, it would be the downfall of me!
    And I love the country shopping–I never buy anything that isn’t on sale or that I don’t have a coupon for.

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