big sunglasses and small pools

Lake time continues! A recap of some of the delicious foods consumed:

There’s been more but I ate it so fast I didn’t even remember to snap a photo. Tanning + drinking sure works up an appetite.

We’ve been hanging out during the day, eating a lot at night, and topping off the experience with nightly family game time.

Anthony and I have still managed to find time, in this very busy schedule, to get our workout in. Yesterday we found our way to a gym about 20 minutes outside of town. Mass Appeal was pretty basic, but full of incredibly nice people who loved us “foreigners.” Especially Anthony. He’s getting a lot of attention down here for his Australian accent!

Today we went out for a 7 mile (him) and a 12.5 mile (her) run. Again, we had to hop in the car for a few minutes in order to find a trail, but the shade and scenery was worth it!

During the jog Anthony and I started talking about cycling vs. running. My brother-in-law, Joe (pictured above in the green shirt), is a cyclist and occasional runner. I’ve tried cycling in the past but never really gotten into it. When we got home, we asked Joe about it (while watching Tour de France!), and we all decided that the sports are actually pretty different for appearing very similar in certain ways. Basically, running is harder, but cycling is safer and can be done for a longer time. Due mostly to the fact that running is an impact sport, and cycling isn’t. This article compares the two. Running “wins” in terms of calorie burning, but cycling “wins” in terms of stamina, muscle bulking, and injury rate. I think Joe framed it pretty well by saying, “When I’m running, I feel like I’m working out the whole time. When I’m cycling, I don’t realize I’m working out.”

Interesting, but in my opinion running wins in terms of fun. I like the impact!

I tried running in my very fashionable sunglasses today. I’ve never run in shades before but thought I’d give it a try (in order to reduce a wrinkly face when I’m older!). It was nice, but sort of annoying. Maybe I should try investing in an actual pair of sports sunglasses. Or a visor. Still, I looked pretty stylish…

But still not as cute as this little beauty:

My niece, Leah, is having the time of her life here at the lake. She is constantly entertained and entertaining. Speaking of which, I think it’s time to go hop in the inflatable baby pool for a while.



  1. Those trails are beautiful! I hope it’s not too hot where you are. And wow, gotta agree with the person who posted above me, papa johns pizza… yum. Must be the garlic sauce!

  2. Alanna

    you look like your mom in the running with sunglasses photo! I think the whole Doman clan should plan a Baltimore vacation next time. Hope you’re having fun!

  3. I think its awesome that you two go out to find a place to run! I agree, I like running over cycling, but I’m trying to incorporate more of that as cross training…so I don’t feel like I’m working out by going for a 6-10 mile ride after dinner. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your time on the lake!

    • oh, finding new routes is a must-do to keep the running spirit alive! good for you for picking up the old bike. especially after dinner. usually that is my time to eat frozen yogurt and waste time on facebook, which are both definitely boosting my fitness levels

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