more reasons I love America

On the road again.

Today I utilized the alarm clock. Sad that I had to turn it on during vacay, but my body is thanking me for the cooler morning temps after yesterday’s heat wave jog!

Anthony skipped out on me this morning, and my iPod broke. Which meant long, quiet, and solitary. In a peaceful sort of way.

Lucky that the grass is still green after last night. Yesterday it rained for about 78 seconds around 3 pm, which we took as a sign from God that Winchester, Tennessee, was actually not too dry for fireworks after all. So we bought some. And by “some,” I mean a monster-load.

If you didn’t know, Anthony is Australian. This is his second experience with at-home explosives, so he was really excited.

Personally, I was most jazzed about the smoke bombs, parachute men, and sparklers.

Then we lit ’em up. I also learned that fireworks are extremely difficult to photograph.

My family has a strange tradition of smoking cigars every Independence Day. It’s definitely a great way to boost your marathon times, too! 😉

And if a little tobacco doesn’t help the old lungs, some chargrilled burgers sure will. My dad (aka “popsicle”) got the fire going.

Fireworks, open roads, burgers, cigars…what’s missing from the almost-perfect picture?

THE CUTEST NIECE EVER. (On a tractor, of course)



  1. FRD

    Tina, good to hear from you and glad we could help fuel the inner pyromaniac in Anthony. As Americans we all have that gene on the 4th of July, and just gotta blow something up or fire off some rockets. We are having loads of fun with everybody, and just enjoying the lake and not counting any fat grams, carbs, or CH3CH2OH intake. See ya later this year…Hey to Trevor.


  2. Tina

    We would have loved to be there, although it is a little dangerous not counting libations. God bless you all
    Love Trevor and Tina

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