“Feels like 94°”

We still went for a run.

The roads are beautiful and (mostly) barren. But unshaded.

We had 7 miles on our mind, but quickly reduced it to 5 after the sun soaked too deep. Lesson for tomorrow: Go out much earlier!

Despite the heat, we were a lot happier being free in the sun than we were yesterday. On the way to the Baltimore airport, the DC metro system lost power. For about 40 minutes, we were trapped in a hot, sweaty, and very angry metro cab. Finally, the metro staff gave up on us, opened the door, and let a bunch of frustrated and overheated people pour out.

Anthony and I were half amazed at the experience, and half extremely worried about missing our flight.

Luckily we made it to the end of the tracks, caught a bus to the next stop, and then caught a cab to the airport JUST in time. Nothing like a little city stress to make vacation that much better!

Even a vacation with no fireworks. It hasn’t rained here in forever. Too dry for bottle rockets 😦

Still, it’s going to be a wonderful 4th of July. I just put my swimsuit on and am looking at a big pile of Fun Noodles. God bless America.



  1. Anthony

    Thank God we made the plane (or should I say, walk, bus, metro, walk, bus, cab, plane). Still annoyed about no fireworks though. No one will notice if we just light up a few right?

  2. Tina

    wishing you guys a great 4th of July have fun!!
    Love to you all (Alexander said just light some fireworks anyway)

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