it’s like Friday

I have friends that also like to wake up at 5 am!

Miriam, Mercedes, and I headed out for a morning run today. Check out Miriam’s fancy new shoes! I am a sucker for anything bright when it comes to workout gear. Luckily we went early enough to catch the last of the cooler morning air before the 100 degree temps hit again. Yikes!

Even though the 3 of us planned to run together, I frequently catch both of these ladies by chance on my runs in the morning. They’re running too, of course! This city is getting small. Look who else I bumped into randomly, on my walk to work yesterday:

Anthony Lambkin! Fate.

So, the other day, Amanda at Flecks of Green nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger award. I don’t know if pictures of spinach smoothies and grimy street furniture count as beautiful, but hey, I’ll take it! Thank you fellow bloggers!

The deal is I have to write 7 things about myself and nominate 7 other bloggers! Here goes.

1. When I started running I could barely bust out 2 miles.

2. I dyed my hair black when I was 16 (like, Gothic black). The picture below almost shows how dark it was – it had actually faded quite a bit by the time I took this picture! (and that’s my friend Katie on my lap! I’m not sure why I’m wearing a cowgirl hat!)

3. I’ve never run on a formal running team.

4. My favorite ice cream flavor is Neopolitan.

5. Speaking of Neopolitan, I painted my bedroom white, pink, and brown when I was in high school because I loved it that much.

6. In almost every marathon I’ve run, I’ve cried at miles 22-24.

7. My brother collects knives and drives a truck. YEP.

My nominations of the next 7 bloggers: NicoleCorrie Anne, Serena, Janae, Lindsay, Sarah, and Nicole (a different Nicole!). Thanks team.

And back to knives, trucks, etc., I am super excited to travel to dear Winchester, Tennessee today!

The city has a total population of 7,000 people. It’s got 1 movie theater, 1 grocery store, and about 1,000 live bait shops. And, a beautiful lake where Anthony and my family are all going to party!

Vacation countdown: 8 hours. Happy Tuesday to you, Friday to me!



  1. FRD

    Can’t wait to see you guys…safe travel. Water is warm, beer is cold, ice balls are in the freezer, and you guys will fill out the family tree….J Buzz arrived at 3.15 am today. Get ready to do the Dougie !


  2. Woo!! That lake looks awesome. How many marathons have you run!?!? “In almost every marathon…” etc. I’m sure I’d cry too. Lol. Love that you painted your bedroom Neopolitan!

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