good deals

How about we start off with a picture of pancakes?

Ah, I wish it was the weekend again. And by weekend I mean pancakes.

Apart from that fluffy goodness, lots of other fun stuff happened over the weekend. Including a late-night run with Anthony. This could be a new Sunday ritual! We jogged after our evening church service and it was a great combination. Really nice way to end the weekend.

So pretty!

“Pretty” refers to both the nature shot above as well as my new pink top! I went on a shopping spree with Eleni yesterday and got a good deal on it.

I probably don’t need more running clothes but at least I was able to restrain myself from buying another pair of tempo shorts:

I am addicted to Nike tempo shorts. They’re the best running shorts ever.

The shopping continued even after Eleni and I hit up Loehmann’s yesterday, when Anthony and I spotted this beauty on our run:

And I thought my discounted running shirt was a good deal?! A pillow-less couch, for absolutely zero dollars. I used to think DC was expensive but clearly it’s the cheapest city ever.


The storm really took our city for a spin. I hope this guy has a metro card.

What else? Oh, Anthony threw a big ole party on Saturday. Happy housewarming!

I provided the sweets:

And Anthony provided a Caribbean rum punch! He picked up the recipe from his latest travels to Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Belize. You could call him a global bartender.

Anthony and I don’t live together, but a lot of guests at the party assumed we did. I got so many compliments on “my” new place! Ha.

After putting in quite a few miles over the weekend, today I’m giving the legs a rest and heading to the gym. In addition to quitting my job last week, I also quit my gym! I decided to save the cash and utilize the free gym at my office building (for the next 3 weeks, that is) as well as the cheap gym in my apartment building.

I’m going to see how it goes. I feel like going to my old gym was more motivating because people were around. Working out alone is nice in some ways, but probably less encouraging than in public. Thoughts?

And since I started with pancakes, it’s only fitting to end with pizza. Happy Monday!



  1. We’ve been hanging with our apartment gym the past few months too. I kinda hate it, but it’s a moneysaver.But we’re moving to a house so I’m nervous about being treadmill-less!! It’s been so hot!! Lol. That’s a cute pic at the party!!

  2. I have a very small gym at my condo complex..I don’t like it. There are only 3 treadmills and 2 bikes with a VERY limited amount of weight equipment and space. 97% of the time I take my runs outside anyway. As far as whether or not there are people, doesn’t affect me one way or the other. Looks like a busy and fun party!

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