being normal


The club went for a patriotic route along the National Mall yesterday. I don’t run down here very often due to tourists and concrete, but it was a nice change from trails and trees.

Unfortunately the route is quite unshaded which means I got a nice sunburn and the good old sweat-in-the-eyes. I’m thinking about getting a running visor this summer…but only if it is cute.

Even though most of the run yesterday was through the city, I still got to see the Power of Mother Nature:

DC got hit by a BIG storm on Friday. Trees and trash everywhere! I am very lucky to live in one of the few homes with electricity right now. I don’t know what I would do without the power to blog. Probably just run more.

It was a good 14 miles, despite the heat and obstacles! I’ve felt a bit crappy on the past few long runs, and it was nice to feel good on my legs for the first time in a while.

What’s your favorite post-run food? Mine is definitely smoothies. I love going on a big run, taking a long shower, drinking a big smoothie, and then taking a nap. It’s a magical combination that is best implemented from the hours of 5 am -10 am. Then, you wake up and start your day like a normal person!

Want to know a secret? You can put vegetables in a smoothie and not even taste them. Seriously. These babies have a ton of stuff in them, ranging from peanut butter to spinach. I know you think it’s gross, but you have to try it before you bash it!

In other news, I quit my job this week, which means I need to go shopping now. Retail therapy recap coming soon!!


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