eating a lot



I felt like I was so pressed for time this whole week. At last, today I got my butt outta bed for a glorious 7 miles. Look who I spotted at the very end of my run!

Anthony and I have lived withing 0.5 miles of each other for the past 2.5 years. We’ve both been morning runners for the past 2.5 years. Sometimes we wonder whether we passed each other running around town before we even knew each other. Probably!

Of course I spotted some furniture on the road. My collection of junk houseware photos is growing!

As well as my collection of DC Road Runner happy hour photos. Last night the group got together at an Irish pub in courthouse to eat a ton of food and drink, of course!

It was a good time. As the event planner for these things, I am quickly learning that I need to order mass amounts of food for the group. Runners eat A LOT of food. We destroyed these platters in about 20 minutes.

Of course Anthony and I were still hungry after all of this and had to go get dinner. Asian food for the second night in a row? Sure!

We went to Minh’s, a fantastic little restaurant. It was so nice being in big ole’ suburban Virginia on a Thursday night. The place was pretty much empty- we were able to grab a table in no time! In DC that would never happen.

I used to get embarrassed taking blog photos in public places but clearly am over that phase.

We ate lotsa PHO.

Good thing Anthony and I are quite comfortable with each other after almost 2 years of love, because these giant bowls of noodles are about the sloppiest and most awkward things to eat ever, in the most delicious way.

The pho-n continues tonight- yet another night on the town! WEEKEND



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