oh dairy

Thank you Thailand for thinking of awesome recipes.

Last night my colleague cooked dinner for a small group of us. It was awesome.

I showed up early to help chop a million vegetables! I don’t mind slicing and dicing, except when it comes to carrots. They’re just so hard to cut, even with a good knife! Luckily my coworker, friend, and avid blog reader, Jessica, was around to help assemble the summer rolls.

During dinner, there was a heated debate about whether humans should drink cow’s milk. Is it natural? Is it healthy for us? It got me thinking. After all, cow’s milk is from cows. Isn’t it strange that we drink milk from another animal?

I read some articles and am still pondering my thoughts on the topic:

A academic-ish paper: milk is unnatural, and the pesticides and toxins in it are bad for us (http://www.notmilk.com/kradjian.html)

A health magazine article: milk may help us build muscle and lose fat, the hormones in it aren’t bad for you, but the antibiotics in it might be (http://www.menshealth.com/mhlists/dairy_products/)

An athletic take: milk is a miracle drink for athletes (http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-500368_162-1342839.html)

I’ve heard 1,000,000 times that chocolate milk is the best recovery drink for runners, and do think it is quite tasty and satisfying after a long run! However, I also know a lot of runners that drink soy or almond milk because they say that milk upsets their stomachs, or they’re against cow’s milk for some of the pesticide/hormone issues mentioned above.

Hmm. I’m still thinking about it. Reading up on the topic has made me proud that I strive to buy organic milk, at least:

Maybe I’ll try a dairy-free week in next month or so and see what happens? I don’t know if I will be healthier or not but I can promise you I’ll be devastated emotionally without cheese and yogurt.

I was going to run today, but all the late-night Thai eating, wine drinking, and milk debating led to a very sleepy morning for me. Since my life is about to turn into marathon training mode, I figured I’d take my easy schedule at present and milk it for all it’s worth. Yes, pun intended.



  1. I tend to agree with the people who think drinking cow’s milk is strange for humans. The only reason we think it’s so normal and hear about how good it is all the time is because dairy farmers pay for those “ads”. I drink soy milk, but I do still eat cheese. It’s something I’m trying to cut out eventually, but it’s difficult- especially when you go out to eat.

    Have you ever seen or heard of Forks Over Knives? It is pretty extreme, but very interesting.

    Bottom line, I think EVERYONE needs to cut down on junk and increase fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, and healthy fats like nuts and such. But that’s so much easier said than done! 🙂

  2. Janine

    It’s so easy to go dairy-free with so many dairy alternatives out there!! Next time you go grocery shopping check out all of the rice and soy cheeses. I think some are better than others, but they’re all really tasty and a lot less fattening. Drink almond milk (unsweetened), you’ll get additional protein in your life by just switching! Read Skinny Bitch if you want to be convinced, at least the chapter on dairy… unless you want to become completely vegan…. :]

  3. If I think about it, it is weird to be drinking another animal’s milk. I’ve never been much of a milk drinker (it made me sick as a child) and have been worrying lately that I never received my fill of “necessary vitamins” from it (thanks to all those milk commercials). But the bottom line is is milk is not for everyone!

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