track and toppings

Sometimes when life hands you a lock, you have to jump the fence.

Occasionally the school teachers decide to lock the entrance to the track. Thus we have to make our own way in, middle-school rebellion style.

Anthony joined me for a quick track workout this morning. I overslept so we were a bit short on time, but some speedwork is better than no speedwork!

This morning’s sky is one of the bluest I’ve seen in a while.

Remember the froyo I dreamed about all day yesterday? Well, it finally happened. Coconut + tart + chocolate + mango. Yes we fit that many flavors in the bowl which was basically overflowing by the time I topped it with a hefty scoop of Reese’s. Which might have been a good thing actually, because then I didn’t have room to drench it in hot fudge. Wait, what am I saying? That is actually the worst thing I can imagine, ever.

One time Anthony and I tried getting our own individual yogurts instead of sharing one. We realized that that was another horrible idea, and have shared one big bowl together ever since. Good thing we generally love the same toppings (i.e., all the toppings).

The fun continues tonight with a home-cooked meal provided by one of my coworkers! The world has so many very nice people in it and I feel so lucky to know a couple.



    • ha, thank you. i always eat breakfast AFTER my run to make me faster too. because it is like i’m chasing a piece of raw chicken meat on a stick, right?

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