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Look at my amaza-cado.

This incredible avocado variety is tough to find, but whenever I spot its big green body at Harris Teeter I snag it immediately. It’s twice the size and half the price of Hass avocados. Why? I don’t know, but maybe because consumers haven’t caught on to its large lusciousness yet. I feel sneaky when I put one in my shopping cart.

A bit more research shows that this avocado is probably of the “Zutano” avocado breed.

Even more interesting is that though this variety is mostly grown in Central America, a Florida company has picked up the breed and labeled it “SlimCado.” The company claims their big green avocados have 30% fewer calories than the “leading California avocados.” I don’t know if I believe this. I’m more just excited that I have a massive avocado to eat for the next 6 days.

Anyways, I’m not sure if anyone takes extreme interest in avocado varieties like I do, but let’s all be honest that everyone loves some street furniture. Look what I spotted over the weekend!

Why go to Ikea when you can get a better deal on a sidewalk nearby? Honestly I am the queen of spotting excellent deals like this grimy couch. Note I am not actually sitting on it because it is probably coated in flesh-eating parasites.

Guess who’s back from the Caribbean?! ATL.

We celebrated his return with some mega-store shopping…

Some beer tasting…

And some really tasty home made Indian food.

After I made a million pounds of Basmati rice for Mercede’s Magnificent Masala the other night, I had 1/2 a million pounds left over. I looked up some Indian recipes to go with it, and voila! Some tandoori fish and a veggie/chickpea side. Thank you

Oh yeah, what about running? I could write about myself some more but I’d feel silly after watching Ashton Eaton be amazing over the weekend. He just broke a world record, no big deal.

I was going to do some sprints yesterday to compete with him but decided I would be better off working on my tan. I bronzed with these ladies.

Summer is the best. I’m going to let this image linger in everyone’s heads for the rest of the day.



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