Nothing closes off the week like a good girls’ night.

These ladies know how to have fun. We met for happy hour at Darlington House.

Daniela has recently inspired me to drink more Seagram’s 7 and 7. So tasty, so fresh!

We were going to buy dinner here, but the bartender was sort of slow. Thus we moved on to some other restaurants, realized they were all overpriced, and headed to the Harris Teeter sushi bar, where you can always get a good meal on the fly.

Going out is fun, but there is a certain charm to sitting on your couch, in your pajamas, with good friends and food.  Plus I love grocery shopping so any excuse to go to Harris Teeter is always welcome.

Saturday mornings are usually reserved for a nice long run with the club. But when my alarm when off at 5:45 this morning, I just wasn’t feeling it. Back to sleep!

I had this grand idea that I would beat the heat by going for a long run on the treadmill + 2 hours of food network. Sometimes I like to just zone out and watch nothing and run nowhere.

But then, I realized, I sort of hate the dreadmill. Why would I think that was a good idea?

So I went outside in the 80 degree heat, and promised myself I’d take it slow and pick a shady route. Which meant, Beach Drive!

Sights along the way included this very domesticated deer. I did not zoom my lens at all for this picture.

Also, some Chinese takeout that was sitting upright, full, and content. I see fast food all the time on my runs, but I never see it in such impeccable condition. I almost took a bite but I don’t really like beef+broccoli.

I started getting pretty hot and tired at the end. I was back in the city, and dropped in Potbelly’s sandwich shop to beg for water. Every time I get free water and free restroom access on a run, I remember how much I love America. Other countries don’t care about people like we do. USA!!!

My spirits really lifted on the last mile, when I ran into Miriam and her friend!

What a nice 12-13 mile adventure! Even though I don’t know how long I ran (because my Garmin died) and I suffered heat exhaustion, I think my soul is happier from the outdoor experience. Plus I have way better pictures for my blog post now.

But let’s be honest, 95% of my happiness right now stems from the fact that I made myself a stack of French toast for breakfast.



  1. Good for you for running in the heat!

    I love finding places with free bathrooms on runs. I recently found out that the Trader Joe’s near me has a bathroom in their parking garage outside. It’s perfect for mid-run stops!

  2. That looks like a beautiful path…and being able to see wild animals would make my heart smile. HT sushi is surprisingly tasty! Definitely one of my go-to meals when I have no plan and don’t want to spend a bunch at a restaurant.

  3. I love the picture of the deer! When nature graces us with it’s beauties in different ways, it always touches my heart. I’m not sure why I feel in tune with nature this way, but it truly is beautiful.
    The sushi roll looks pretty beautiful too though lol!

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